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2013 RRW liter bike shootout

Discussion in 'Pit Lane' started by Blorton, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Blorton

    Blorton Thanks, Frank.

    No Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda or Ktm in this year since they were not significantly changed.

    Poor Ducati can't catch a break. Last year they were slammed for not allowing tire changes and this year, after allowing the change, they placed third because the tc didn't do well with dunlop slicks. The testers did admit the bike handled much better at the launch at Cota where it had Pirelli slicks. (This was on the R, btw)

    Aprilia took a beating last year for having a sick motor. This year, they slammed fuelling and instrusive tc. It finsihed second from last.

    So they loved the BMW again, and placed it tops. They did not have the HP4 version in the test or I'm sure the results would have really been ugly.

    The kawi was liked for its smooth power and finished second.

    MV's entry got totally ragged on. The factory switched to a new ECU this year that supposedly will include a downshift blipper in the future, but the fueling was terrible.

    My reaction to the midpack finish of the Pani R:

    So they gimped the tire setup on a $30k homologation special and rated it's performance behind two bikes costing half that. I'm calling foul.
  2. slickwill

    slickwill Ride more than I should...but less than I'd like.

    I've gone with, "I don't really care what the mags say, I'm going to buy what appeals to me."
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  3. Shaman

    Shaman Stupidbike Rider

    Funny. In Motociclismo (used to be Master Bike, has multiple magazines taking part in the test), they beat the HP4 and Panigale with the RSV4 Factory, also beat the F4RR with the 675R. They listed the Ape as having the best brakes, best chassis and the most tractable motor / traction control combination of the bunch and were a second a lap faster on it than the HP4 overall.
    Same conclusion from Fast Bikes, and from other european magazines. Aprilia hasn't lost one I've seen yet (it was bound to happen, though).

    A friend of mine (AMA racer) took part in a test for another magazine and the test went down pretty much the same way... everyone chose the RSV4 as their favourite and quickest track bike. Street testing was more subjective but it rated 2nd there. Hasn't been published yet.

    I'm just saying... I don't even know what I'm saying... magazine tests often suck?

    Fast Bikes test (this one with standard S1000RR) here: http://www.rumour.com/FB-SBK-COMPARO.pdf
  4. luvtolean

    luvtolean Well-Known Member

    ...or, at least, they suck when your horse doesn't win? But worth quoting and linking when it does? ;)
  5. Shaman

    Shaman Stupidbike Rider

    If you can decode Italian, you can read the Motociclismo article. But no, I think all these bikes are faster than 99% of us anyways which is why I think that a lot of these tests need to be treated with some raised eyebrows and you should just buy what you like. Also, there's a real tendency for journalists to be wowed by the BMW's top end hit, no matter what that looks like on a stopwatch. ;)
  6. gt702

    gt702 curmudgeon's apprentice

    Don't forget the "who is paying for advertising and giving us free long term test bikes" wow factor.

    I do love how they intentionally go against factory advice and setup parameters and then complain that the best bikes out there "seems off".
  7. CBR929RE

    CBR929RE Well-Known Member

    lets throw out half the competition. the whole thing is kind of a joke. they never all come out with a new version at the same time so why is this time different. test them all together and do it right. last years tech might still be better than offerings with this years tech.

    CBRVFR RIP, Frank. Staff Member

    Reminds me of the troll-like CEO who had his staff do a couple rounds of interviews for a personal assistant. He sat through an hour of executive summary of their resumes, test results, and references. When asked if he had a preference, he responded: "Which one has the biggest tits?"

    Buy that one, fellas. You ain't gonna touch them anyway.
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  9. Blorton

    Blorton Thanks, Frank.

    What cracks me up is this very same mag published a glowing review from the launch event. That review stated the bike, with proper setup, would run with anything out there. Good thing they didn't follow their own advice this time.

    Really, I think they did the whole test in a rush and it shows.
  10. phobe

    phobe gb500tt.blogspot.com

    I've always liked the format of the RRW comparison. They have a mix of scoring factors, divided between objective data and subjective opinions. They use testers of varying skill levels and consider all of their feedback. Not that it matters. I'd buy the one with the biggest tits.
  11. slickwill

    slickwill Ride more than I should...but less than I'd like.

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  12. BizJetGuy

    BizJetGuy Resident Curmudgeon

    I never bought a bike based on one of these so-called "shoot outs". Just sayin'
  13. slickwill

    slickwill Ride more than I should...but less than I'd like.

    That's what I'm saying. The Duc speaks to me so that's what I want.
  14. Shaman

    Shaman Stupidbike Rider

    Whatever blows your hair back.
  15. Blorton

    Blorton Thanks, Frank.

    I love you man! :D I saw the site header and was all set to be pissed that a car site was needed - but that was a great read. Thanks!
  16. ND4SPD

    ND4SPD Godspeed #29 Staff Member

    Any person in the market would likely be happy with any of the bikes. It's the journalists' job to find flaws in these machines and point them out so they have some words to put in the magazine amongst all the pretty pictures. If they simply said "buy whichever makes your heart flutter", they wouldn't sell very many copies of their respective magazines.
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  17. luvtolean

    luvtolean Well-Known Member

    Mag reviews, when done by the better riders, are good for reading about general characteristics. "Fueling is snarkier than CBRVFR in a whisky shortage" or "to our surprise, no bits fell off the Forty Eight in the first 129 miles" is the kind of thing they're great for. And of course, pictures of something to admire when you don't want to leave a Playboy in the loo.

    Comparos, meh.
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